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ZAPmedia Celebrates Women’s History Month

1919 – Misfortune’s End Highlights Under Reported Achievements
of Exceptional Women in History

NEW YORK, March 23, 2009ZAPmedia, leading publisher of under reported historical fiction, is celebrating Women’s History Month by recognizing the achievements of women who changed history. From Beulah Henry to Mae West, 1919 – Misfortune’s End, ZAPmedia’s first novel, explores the remarkable lives and accomplishments of the women who made 1919 an incredibly important year for women throughout the world.

1919 – Misfortune’s End follows the lives of two families through the twelve pivotal months of 1919, a momentous year in women’s history. The stories of real life characters including Madame Walker, Beulah Henry and Margaret Sanger complement the exploits of fictional characters such as Louvenia Jackson.

Louvenia Jackson is a fictional protagonist based on a female inventor of the era, Alice Parker, an African American woman who in 1919 invented the first gas-heating furnace to provide central heating. Louvenia’s achievements highlight many of the important technological contributions by women of her time. With an unusual avocation for the era, a female African American inventor, she embodies the spirit of the women in her generation who pushed for a change in the social status and rights of women.

Madame Walker, another historical figure highlighted in 1919 – Misfortune’s End, was an American businesswoman, hair care entrepreneur and leading philanthropist. Madame Walker, Louvenia’s aunt in the novel, developed a line of hair care products that helped her become the first female millionaire by her own achievements. Her relationship with Louvenia illustrates some of the interesting under reported contributions of women in the early 20th century.

Beulah Henry, another prominent female inventor highlighted in 1919 – Misfortune’s End held over 49 patents on 110 inventions. She developed a variety of innovative products including the vacuum ice cream freezer and the first bobbinless sewing machine.

“Writing historical fiction provides an exciting opportunity for me to illuminate the under reported events and achievements of the twentieth century that many people do not know about,” said Paula Phelan, author of 1919 – Misfortune’s End. “I have always respected the work of female pioneers, and with this novel, I had a unique chance to explore the contributions of some of the most important women of this pivotal time period.”

1919 – Misfortune’s End is currently available at local bookstores, through its publisher, ZAPmedia, and on Amazon.com.

About 1919 – Misfortune’s End:

1919 – Misfortune’s End is a work of historical fiction that explores the lives of two families living in Boston and Washington D.C. through the four seasons of 1919. The story illustrates a pivotal era of history through the lives of everyday people.

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