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ZAPmedia Celebrates U.S. History with the Launch of 1939 – Into The Dark

Second Installation in Award Winning Historical Fiction Series
Now Available in Stores and Online

NEW YORK, Sept. 3, 2009ZAPmedia, leading publisher of under reported historical fiction, today announced the availability of 1939 - Into The Dark, a historical fiction novel by author Paula Phelan that explores a pivotal year in American History marked by the depression, the beginning of World War II and the cultural and artistic climax of the twentieth century.

1939 - Into the Dark:


  • 1939 was the pinnacle of American arts and culture recognized as the Golden Year in both the movies and broadway.
  • The WPA and other New Deal agencies ended in 1939 leaving a legacy of artistic achievement unparalleled in modern history.
  • J. Edgar Hoover finds another ambitious politician, Martin Dies to attack members of the communist party while Fascism gains traction in New York.
  • The last building of the Rockfeller Center complex is completed.
  • Art and war clash with the opening of the World’s Fair, an event designed to highlight the accomplishments of the global community. In the first six months of the fair, numerous countries represented had been assimilated by Germany and Russia causing the management to have to re-theme the fair the following year.

Supporting Quote:

  • “Writing historical fiction is a bit like time travel. In researching 1939 I was able to put myself into the shoes of the people who lived during that year, immersing myself in the trivial and momentous events,” said Phelan. “By doing so I was able to better understand the choices people made regarding art, commerce and war. Presenting the stories and facts that have been under reported provides a way to bring texture to an otherwise often misunderstood year in American history.”

Excerpt from 1939:

“Friends, I‘ve called you here tonight because you represent an era. The best and the brightest the last decade had to offer. You each overcame hardship and challenge. At the same time, you enjoyed a cocoon of aesthetic encouragement unparalleled in modern times.” There were murmurs in the crowd. “As many of you know I have ties to the federal government. I spend a good deal of time in Washington and am privy to things that I wish to share with you tonight.”

“Another World War is approaching. Roosevelt has been a good president and he has provided artists with a nurturing atmosphere enabling each of you to create masterpieces for posterity. We’re the beneficiaries of his policy, a policy that is about to end. I have it on good authority that the WPA will cease as of July.”

“Many of you already know that the Federal Theater and Federal Writers Project will end at the same time. What you may not know is that the Un-American Activities Committee has identified Jews and communists in the arts as undesirables. Those of you with left-leanings must assume you will no longer be able to work in your chosen profession after the war begins. Those of Jewish heritage will experience severe persecution – it has started in Germany, and the waves of hate will wash up on our shores as well. You must prepare yourselves for it and determine now what you can do to help p for your relatives and friends in Europe, because no one else will help them. I repeat. No one will help them. We will go to war, but it will not be to help the Jews or the repressed. We will fight in order to maintain the status quo and keep Britain and France in power. The brief time we have had with FDR and his creative encouragement will be gone with the wind.”

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