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1919 - Misfortune’s End Celebrates Women’s History Month

Forgotten Women in American History Honored in this Historical Fiction Novel

NEW YORK, Mar. 22, 2007 ZAPmedia today honors Women’s History Month with the publication of its debut title, 1919 – Misfortune’s End. Written by award-winning author Paula Phelan, the novel explores the lives of influential women who changed the way we live today.

In 1919, the year in which women secured the right to vote, women across the country realized they had a long way to go before the job would be complete. 1919 – Misfortune’s Endexplores the issues of women’s emancipation from the viewpoint of a seasoned campaigner for the cause. In this work of historical fiction, women’s roles in healthcare, education, innovation, entertainment and politics are explored in depth.

1919 – Misfortune’s End highlights the significant contributions women made in that pivotal year, including:

Politics/Healthcare: (In 1919 women’s health was a political topic)

  • Jeannette Rankin – congresswoman before women had the right to vote
  • Alice Paul – responsible for the introduction of the 19th Amendment
  • Virginia Woodruff – the first woman to run for president
  • Jane Addams – the most influential person in the country (including presidents)
  • Emma Goldman – agitator for women’s rights, who was eventually deported
  • Margaret Sanger – founder of Planned Parenthood 


  • Madame Walker – the first female African American millionaire
  • Beluhla Henry – African American inventor and competitor to Thomas Edison


  • Helen Keller – performed on the vaudeville circuit
  • Mae West – influential playwright and actress


  • Howard University – dedicated to providing African American women with quality education

1919 – Misfortune’s End is currently available through its publisher, ZAPmedia, as well as on Amazon.com.

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