"No harm's done to history by making it something someone would want to read."

–David McCullough



"Though you only spend a small amount of time with each person, there is such depth to the characters that they all make sense as to their status, lifestyle and personality. Even though they are all multi-talented and good looking, it doesn't seem silly in this story because they are famous for these very reasons." --Arleigh, HistoricalFiction.com

"Paula Phelan has captured the mood of New York City in the midst of the zenith of the influence of creative arts and culture in the year 1939. Phelan's writing is informational and relative. Her research and imagination blend to make this an important work of historical fiction filled with little known details of the period covered. Her dialog is stimulating, her descriptions convincing, and her characters genuine. "1939: Into the Dark" by Paula Phelan is a meaningful and entertaining novel for the history buff, especially those who enjoy the period covering World War II." --Richard R. Blake, ReaderViews.com

"Salinas Californian Novel by Monterey Bay author looks at eventful year Blending a melange of actual and fictional characters during a pivotal period of American history, the author explores the end of the Great Depression, the early days of World War II and the cultural and artistic events that took center stage during this time period." --The Californian, TheCalifornian.com

"Her characters all have intense, interesting lives, and their denial becomes understandable when their own conflicts are taken into account. No one has a free ride in this book, and in their place, I wondered if I would have instantly clamoured to be involved in a conflict everyone hopes will burn out before it becomes too serious." --Anita Davison, Historical Novel Review

"For the past 16 years, Paula Phelan has worked hard to promote Nadel Phelan to its position as one of Northern California's most successful high-tech public relations firms. Today, she uses her research experience to write historical novels in her spare time, and this month will publish her latest effort, '1939: Into the Dark.'" --Chris Watson, SantaCruzSentinal.com

"A Reader's Respite loved the time period, the artists and cameos, and even the presentation of the novel which, every few pages, is interspersed with reproductions of critical theater and movie reviews of the time and news dispatches from the war going on in Europe." --Michele, A Reader's Respite

"This is a tour de force of writing and deserves a wide audience." --Alan Caruba, Editor, Bookviews.com

"I just finished the book this morning on the T. I suspect you intended this, but my god, there are all sorts of ties to today's world in this little tome of yours, aren't there? Idiots in power, pointless wars, craziness in energy, racism, intrigue... fun fun fun! In any case, loved the book - if I hadn't been standing most of the time I'd been reading it (on the T), I would've been on the edge of my seat! ;) And seriously, I don't normally pay much attention to history, but if it was presented like this, I would have been FAR more interested. Bravo!" --Dan Keldsen, www.BizTechTalk.com


Reader Views Reviewer's Choice Award 2008

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